Monday, 26 December 2016

You Look Good ! Thank You ... but ditch the Selfie Stick !

This is an excerpt of numerous exchanges I have seen in Facebook chats and the like from the under 20 age group.

The "selfie generation" ...

First step - pose, pout and take the photo !
Second step - post your favourite for everyone to see !
Third step - acclamation floods in ...
Step 4 ... the subject of the photo then "thanks" those flooding them with praise ...

Now maybe its just me ... but in my day, at the same age ... this just did not happen.
And I do think its not that healthy.

We are born with our looks. We need to live with them. And in fact there really is nothing so attractive as a happy, smiling face and someone who is full of energy and life.

We were really pretty much taught in my day I would say that we had to have a career. Women were not making a big thing about their looks. But even more than just a career, find hobbies etc that interest you. Educate yourself, have fun, take part in sport, help others, give your time to others, whatever takes your fancy. But get the focus away from yourself.

If its all about looks and you happen not to have great looks then where are we then ... And in fact sometimes its not all that great to have good looks either, as from my experience it can attract all the wrong types of attention. Yes sure you get asked out a whole lot more. But you are often being asked out by people purely attracted to your looks. Not to your actual character.

So come on folks, get a life. And ditch that Selfie Stick !