Friday, 6 June 2014

Mothers (or Fathers) Returning to Workforce Should be the Best Employees - But they are not recognised !!

Mothers who have taken time out to have children and who then try to return to the workforce are often discriminated against for those years out and can find it very hard to find employment.  I know - I've tried !!

However, if firms and employers had any sense they would recognise that these are the first people they should be employing as these people have added some great life skills to any previous expertise they had gained in previous working lives.
And not only that, these very mothers are the ones who have worked out their work-life balance. They know what they want, and they know exactly how many hours they can afford to work in order to keep their family life together.

So what skills have been gained....child rearing involves all sorts of practicalities - communication skills, whether with your own children or with other mothers, fathers and agencies you encounter - whether that is in healthcare or schools, toddlers groups, sports clubs etc.  They may have gained committee skills or skills at putting on fundraising or social events.  They have perhaps met and mixed with people from different backgrounds or expertise to what they have encountered before. They have had numerous new experiences. They may have gained budgeting skills, whether the family budget or as treasurer for a playgroup or PTA. And if you have been involved with playgroups you will know that nowadays there are all sorts of relevant regulations whether to do with the children's education, welfare or to do with employment of playleaders.

So... really...come on employers - Recognise this Great Resource !

And come on politicians - lets hear a bit more for mothers - and the occasional father who is brave enough to give this a shot as well. Lets see things like child benefit and family taxation and benefits recognising that a parent who takes some time out to bring up their own children makes a valuable contribution to society.
And the kids love it !

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